Jewelry Box Refresh


Hello again! I’ve been slacking disgracefully on my blogging, but I’ve been wrapping up a bunch of projects that I’ll be posting soon. It’s pretty exciting. Today, a quick little project: updating a jewelry box.

I spent most of this past weekend redecorating my niece’s bedroom (pictures will happen, promise). She’s heading off to middle school next year, so my sister and brother-in-law wanted to give her a more grown-up room. Out went the pink and gold, in came aqua and gray – much more in line with her tastes these days. As we were moving her furniture out of the room to paint, my sister commented that she really needs a new place to keep her hoards of post earrings. I judge not her hoarding tendencies because (1) we all come from a long line of pack-rats and (2) this project was done entirely with leftover stuff that most people would’ve thrown away long ago. Hoarding has its benefits!


Seriously, where are their heads?

In my guestroom closet, aka the Closet o’ Crap That I Swear I’ll Clean Out One Day But Probably Never Will, I found an old jewelry box of mine. Nothing fancy, just an empty box with a little inlaid panel decorated with a couple of headless children and a goose. Standard stuff. (Inside, I found two sets of jacks, which I briefly considered keeping, but eventually decided to gift to my nieces and nephew – enjoy stepping on those, Megan!)



I love and unabashedly hoard Paper Source calendars. The prints and heavy weight make for great little gift boxes and, apparently, jewelry box decoration.

The panel was held in with two little clips that came out easily, and the inside was lined with some old felt that was falling apart, so I ripped that out. After painting the box gray, I needed something to replace the headless children and the lining – enter an old calendar and teal velvet leftover from the roll-top bar.




I traced the inlay panel on the calendar and cut out my square. Then I used watered downIMG_1056 Elmer’s glue to faux-Mod Podge it onto the panel. On the other side, I added a square of velvet.


I used basswood (leftover from the houndstooth table), spray adhesive and more velvet to make panels to line the inside of the box. Then I made the… I have no idea what they’re called… whatever you nestle your post earrings in between in a jewelry box. Those. I made those out of a dowel rod cut into segments, rolled in quilter’s batting, then rolled and hot-glued in velvet.


Apart from making something that satisfied a need and went with my niece’s new decor, I was pretty psyched that I did the whole thing without having to go to the crafts store once. Hurray for pack-rats!



3 thoughts on “Jewelry Box Refresh

  1. Megan says:

    Great blog post on a great little gift for your 3rd generation hoarder of a niece!! She loves it and I love that all those little earrings have a home (other than ending up on the floor with the jacks to create tiny, stabby land mines)!


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