Craft Table IKEA Hack

Mini-post time! This one’s just a few different pieces from IKEA Frankensteined together to make a large work top with storage for my craft room (I still swoon a bit at the words “my craft room”). IMG_0547


After assembling the Expedit, I attached the cabinet legs to one of the solid, long sides – two at each end and two in the middle, to distribute the weight of the heavy shelf. (For a good standing height, you’ll want the final surface to be at about the height of your elbows. The Capita legs worked perfectly for me – I’m 5’6″.) I flipped the Expedit over so that the shelf stood on its new feet and centered the desk top on the other side. I attached the shelf brackets to the cross pieces of the shelf and the underside of the desktop. Done! Now I have a nice, high work space for cutting fabric, stapling fabric to canvases, and whatever else I can cook up.